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        Welcome to Weyerhaeuser's new website!

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        We have a long history of managing our forestlands with a strong balance between forest production and the most innovative, efficient and sustainable practices available. We use that same philosophy as we work with customers to structure oil and gas lease agreements.

        We currently have more than 1,000 oil and gas producing wells on the land we own or lease in the United States. Recent exploration projects include oil and gas, coalbed methane, geothermal and wind power.

        Our small team of professionals has experience in land negotiation, geology, geophysics, prospect generation, GIS applications, accounting, data management and more. Our aim is to create beneficial lease operating rights with qualified oil and gas companies. Our team will work with you to:

        • Evaluate potential opportunities using our GIS database, including 2D and 3D seismic and geologic data
        • Provide opportunities for exploration and development
        • Track production, revenue and expenses related to oil and gas wells and leases
        • Administer oil and gas lease agreements
        • Consider equity participation


        We're currently soliciting offers to lease, or option, the following acreage sites. Please contact us to learn how to access our extensive data sets which include numerous leads and prospects.


        Haynesville Mid-Bossier Shale
        Bienville Parish, Louisiana

        West Castor (Hosston) Prospect
        Bienville Parish, Louisiana

        Multiple Play Trends
        Winn & LaSalle Parishes, Louisiana

        Aquila Prospect
        West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

        Austin Chalk Oil Trend
        St. Helena Parish, Louisiana

        L. Smackover Brown Dense

        Sabine Chalk - Shallow Oil
        Sabine Parish, Louisiana

        West Frost Frio
        Livingston Parish, Louisiana


        Pennsylvania Jackfork Ouachita Overthrust
        Southeastern Oklahoma

        West Virginia

        Marcellus Trend Acreage
        Greenbriar, Fayette, Nicholas & Webster Counties, West Virginia

        North America

        Oil and Gas Opportunities on Weyerhaeuser Land

        Contact Us