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        Wood Products

        Get Inspired: Outdoor Living Spaces Made With Cedar

        It’s no secret to nearly anyone in the industry that outdoor living is one of the hottest trends in residential construction today. From Washington to Pennsylvania, homeowners are demanding outdoor living spaces that expand the usable footprints of their homes. And an expanding portfolio of products, from expansive opening glass walls to outdoor appliances, is only helping to boost the trend. ... Read More
        July 8th 2019

        EWP & Connector Software- NJ IRC 2015 Code Requirements Workshop

        Join us: Learn how to correctly use software to specify floor systems, girders, connectors, and fasteners. Demonstrations will include software that provides the wall bracing details that are now required by NJR IRC 2015. ... Read More
        May 6th 2019

        Weyerhaeuser Distribution Grows Woodtone’s Product Footprint in the Carolinas

        ... Read More
        April 12th 2019

        Weyerhaeuser Distribution Continues to Add Fiberon? Decking to its Portfolio

        Weyerhaeuser Distribution continues to expand its Fiberon Decking offering to its distribution centers —Salt Lake City, Boise, Denver and Dallas. ... Read More
        December 4th 2018

        Weyerhaeuser Distribution Expands Fiberon? Decking to its California Facilities

        The California expansion follows the recent successful addition of the eco-friendly composite decking line to Weyerhaeuser’s Houston and Phoenix facilities. ... Read More
        November 6th 2018